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New start

It's been three months now since I moved to Amsterdam (with my little family).

This new life was a big upheaval, I was from fashion photographer in Paris to housewife in Amsterdam ... (haha)


I'm kidding of course, it's not totally true, I'm taking advantage of this new start to refocus on myself (which is quite difficult), to know what I really want.


My passion remains intact, I love photography and I want to continue doing it, so why not combine it with another passion ... cooking!


I have been vegan for about twelve years; that does not mean that I am an expert in nutrition but I like to cook, I started by making cakes, muffins (especially muffins, my favorite pastry !!); then why not try the savory recipes present in the books that look pretty in the library ... and finally we quickly realize that we can also try to create with what we like, to experiment (which are not always a success haha ...).


In addition, having a more spacious kitchen helps to give free rein to your culinary imagination!


So I open "Tofu à bicyclette", which combines my passions and hobbies; cooking and expeditions to new places (Amsterdam and others).


Enjoy! :)

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