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Braided brioche

This is not a brioche, maybe a chocolate spread bread? Either way, it's good! But you have to be patient, because all recipes including baker's yeast require a time (more or less long).

I also have the disadvantage of not having a robot, which would greatly facilitate the realization of certain brioche desserts, but hey we are going to do with what we have and it is timely the result is very good :)

I used a spread for the filling, I chose the brand "La Vida vegan", with hazelnut chocolate, it is a sweet spread without palm oil, gluten free and soy free, 100% vegan and local because it is made in Enschede in the Netherlands.


Here are the ingredients to make this recipe:

In a first bowl: 250ml hot milk (not brought to the boil) 60g of sugar 1 sachet of express baker's yeast - Set aside for about 5min. In the second bowl: 80g of melted margarine 16g of baking powder - Set aside for about 5min. In a larg bowl: 400g of flour 50g of sugar 70g of almond powder - Mix.

-Then add the container of the first bowl and the second bowl in the larg bowl (containing the flour), sugar and almond powder, mix everything and knead with your fingers for about 8min. (it makes doing sport haha).

- Make a ball, and place in a clean bowl with a cloth on it for about an hour in a dry place at room temperature (so not too cool).

- Once the dough has rested, flour your work surface (cleaned beforehand) as well as your rolling pin, place the dough there and flatten it (leave a small thickness anyway).

- Choose your favorite chocolate spread (here I used a local brand "La Vida vegan" hazelnut chocolate) and brush your dough generously. - Distribute two tablespoons of almonds on the dough and fold it back on itself in "sausage". - Cut it in half lengthwise and make a braid. If it's too big, like in my case, you can fold it back on itself. - Place it in a mold, covered with baking paper; brush it with soy milk with a brush or with a spoon, for gilding when cooking. - Let stand 45min in the open air and bake for about 35min at 180 ° c. - Wait for it to cool down a bit before taking it out of its mold and enjoy it for breakfast or afternoon tea :)

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