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Cheesecake with red fruits

History: Cheesecake or cheese-cake is a North American variety of cheesecake. Traditionally, it's a sweet dessert made with cream cheese, eggs, sugar, and different flavors like vanilla or lemon, all on a bed of cookie crumbs. A "New York" version known as "New York-style cheesecake" is a richer version, made up of cream of sugar or crème fraîche in addition to or instead of cream of cheese, which gives it a more dense side. unlike the original. Cheesecake is also a composition by Dexter Gordon that has become a jazz standard. Here is a vegan version just as tasty as the original (maybe more!)


- Crust: 150g of Speculos 150g of Oreo (without the white garnish) 4 tbsp of coconut oil 5 tbsp of almond powder - Filling: 200g of firm tofu 300g of silken tofu 200ml soy cream 175g of almond cream 100g of blond sugar 8g of vanilla sugar 5 tbsp of cornstarch - Topping: Some twenty raspberries Some fifteen strawberries Some twenty blueberries 100g of blond sugar 1 small tsp of agar agar


- For the crust: Mix the Speculos and Oreo (having removed the filling from the latter before), with the coconut oil and the almond powder. Place the mixture in an oiled springform pan (essential mold for this kind of pastry), flatten the cookies well at the bottom and bring up the edges with the back of a tablespoon or the dish of a glass so that everything is well distributed. Put aside. - For the filling: Mix all the ingredients together and distribute the mixture in the mold on the layer of biscuit previously placed. Bake for 30min at 175 ° c. The filling should be golden on top when coming out of the oven, but not toasted. - For the topping: Brown the ingredients for the coulis in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally. (rinse the fruits well before cooking them). - Filter the topping to avoid seeds. - Let the cheesecake that comes out of the oven cool before placing the coulis, wait until everything is cooler before putting it in the fridge for two hours. You can then decorate it as you see fit and taste it.


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