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Hazelnut / raspberry cake

The hazelnut cake is a dessert from the Creuse, in Limousin (in France) composed of flour, sugar, butter, ground hazelnut and eggs. I offer you here a different, cruelty-free and fruity version; the taste and the texture of the raspberry add in my opinion, a small tangy touch which gives a little more to this cake.

130g of multi-seed flour 170g of hazelnuts 2 tbsp of almond powder 110g of blond sugar 16g of baking powder 2 large tablespoons of almond cream 1/2 glass of water 1/2 glass of vanilla soy milk 4 tbsp sunflower oil 5 drops of liquid vanilla extract Ten raspberries


- Preheat the oven to 175 degrees.

- Mix the hazelnuts until you obtain a powder.

- In a bowl, pour the hazelnut powder with the flour, sugar, almond powder and baking powder, mix and make a well in the middle.

- Add sunflower oil, almond cream, water and vanilla soy milk as well as vanilla extract. Mix.

- Add the raspberries, wash beforehand, mix gently with a wooden spoon to avoid crushing the fruit.

- Put the dough in an oiled cake mold, bake for about 20min at 200 degrees (monitor the cooking by sticking a knife in the cake).

Enjoy !


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