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Surprise Christmas Tree

Hi there,

Small parenthesis:

There was only one recipe available on the blog last week, no worries that's normal; I don't necessarily want to fill your mailboxes several times a week, it doesn't necessarily make you want to go to the blog either.

Besides, be careful because emails can go to your "undesirable", this was the case for several new subscribers who thought they would not receive the email.

I close this parenthesis and here we are again with a very simple recipe, very nice to make with children (or not), fast and above all very good.

We see a lot of nice recipes to make during the holidays on social networks, including cookies, chocolate balls that melt in hot chocolate (maybe I would try) and christmas trees cake.

Moreover, a first gluten-free cookie recipe is available here if you missed it:

(I also recently created a "gluten free" category for those interested)

We stop going all over the place and so I too tried the little Christmas tree, with my personal touch, it turned out to be good and not too complicated to make so here is the recipe :)

To do this you will need two fresh vegan puff pastry doughs (without butter or eggs, it is very easy to find in the supermarket).

Spread, whichever you choose.

Personally, I took the one from the La Vida Vegan brand, with hazelnuts. It's the same one I used for the braided brioche.

Almonds (about 20g to 30g), reduced into small pieces (a blender et voila! If you do not have any, put them in a clean cloth, close the cloth and crush them with the handle of a knife).

Unfold your pasta on your work plan, place the second on the other (putting the paper in which it is wrapped aside because it will be used again).

When the two doughs are well arranged one on top of the other, proceed to the cutting, make a large triangle by making a square at the bottom to make the shape of the trunk.

Remove the dough from the top and place it on the paper later set aside (not in a ball of course. Next, put the pieces of dough that are not part of the tree. You can use them to make decorations with cookie cutters .

Return to the first puff pastry and brush it with the spread, as well as almond pieces along the entire length.

For my part, I chose to make holes with star and heart cookie cutters on the second dough, you are of course free not to do it, it does not change the taste haha.

Put the second dough on the one covered with chocolate and almonds.

Pinch the edges to seal the two pasta.

With a knife, I personally did not use a toothed knife to avoid tearing the dough when cutting.

Make notches on each side of the tree, spreading them apart a little. With your fingers roll the pieces of dough on themselves in one direction.

If you have made cookie cutters with the excess dough, place a star at the top of the tree, press lightly to fix it.

For the most greedy, you can stuff pieces of dough cut out with a cookie cutter by putting the spread inside.

Brush the dough with liquid soy cream using a kitchen brush and sprinkle with pieces of almonds.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 180 ° C (356°F) in hot air.

The pastry should be golden brown when it comes out of the oven.

Let cool before eating.

To share with your family :-)

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