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Tiny galette des rois

Hello there,

I hesitated to do this article but in the end why not.

Here is my galette des rois recipe, this time I chose to make small formats.

Because for those who follow me on instagram (@tofu_a_bicyclette) you must have seen some of them go through the story.

The garnish was always good, it is besides the one that I will present to you in this post.

But I could not find "THE" puff pastry which swelled correctly during cooking ... Besides, you can easily find a puff pastry without eggs whether in supermarkets or organic shops.

This recipe is valid for a large galette des rois of course, you do not have to use a cookie cutter.


The necessary ingredients are two puff pastry (vegan), almond powder, blond cane sugar, vanilla sugar, melted margarine, almond puree, cornstarch (or potato starch) liquid vanilla extract, vanilla soy milk (optional),liquid soy cream for the gilding.

The necessary utensils are a kitchen scale, tablespoons and teaspoons, a baking sheet, baking paper, a rolling pin (so as not to spoil the remaining puff pastry if you opt for the "mini galette" option.), a round cookie cutter (9cm for me), a wooden spoon, a kitchen brush.

In detail:

  • 2 vegan puff pastry

  • 175g of almond powder

  • 90g of blond cane sugar

  • 16g of vanilla sugar

  • 80g of melted margarine

  • 1 tbsp of almond puree

  • 1 tsp of cornstarch (or potato)

  • 1 tsp liquid vanilla extract

  • 100ml vanilla soy milk (optional)

- Preheat the oven to 200 ° c.

- Unroll your first puff pastry on your work surface (keeping the paper supplied with it underneath), cut out circles with your cookie cutter and place them on a baking sheet on your baking sheet. Put aside.

- In a bowl, mix the following ingredients, almond powder, light sugar, vanilla sugar, cornstarch, then add the melted margarine, the almond puree and the vanilla extract, mix with a wooden spoon the all. (Add milk last if you want to add some).

- Pour a little soy cream into a small container and using your brush, brush the cut rounds put aside earlier.

- Using a tablespoon, place in the center of the filling.

- On your work surface, unroll the second puff pastry and cut out rounds of dough using your cookie cutter.

- Place a round of dough on each round with filling.

- Seal the two pasta together with your fingers or with the flat of a sharp knife.

- Brush your mini pancakes with liquid soy cream and bake at 180 ° C for 20 to 25min.

- If you have any dough left, I made two balls with the rest of the two dough. - I flattened them with a rolling pin and made a medium sized galette; because logically you will have a lot of garnish left if you decide not to make a large galette.

The process is therefore the same for making a large galette, you place a first dough directly on baking paper, you brush it with liquid soy cream, you put all your filling in the center, spreading it a little bit but leaving everything likewise a rim of dough.

You place the second puff pastry on top by sealing it well, you brush again with soy cream and hop in the oven for 25 to 30min at 180 ° c!

Enjoy :-)

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