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Waffles liégeoises

Hello Hello, New recipe today! Waffles liégeoises vegan version! Super simple to make, it will still make you buy fresh baker's yeast for this recipe. Perfect for breakfast or a snack, plain, with icing sugar or spread, treat yourself to the filling. Personally, I loved them as much plain as with chocolate :) I didn't weigh the balls of dough before heating them in the waffle maker, I made sure they weren't too big so they wouldn't overflow when closing the device . The recipe is nut-free, so suitable for intolerant people, however it is not gluten-free (recipe to come ;) ). Vanilla sugar can be optional if you don't have any, a teaspoon of vanilla extract can very well replace it, the taste will be stronger.


The necessary ingredients are flour (T55 here), cane sugar, vanilla sugar, fresh baker's yeast, sunflower oil, water, coconut yogurt. The necessary utensils are a kitchen scale, a measuring spoon, a bowl, a pastry robot (for lazy people like me haha), a waffle maker.



  • 500g of flour

  • 80g of cane sugar

  • 16g of vanilla sugar or 1 tsp of vanilla extract

  • 20g of fresh baker's yeast

  • 115g sunflower oil (or another odorless)

  • 150ml of water

  • 2 tbsp of coconut yogurt

- In the bowl of your food processor (fitted with a dough hook), pour the flour, sugars, oil and yeast, previously crumbled (preferably do not put the fresh yeast on the sugar). - Mix and gradually add the water (water at room temperature). - Add the coconut yoghurt. - Let the robot knead the dough for about 15 minutes. - Cover the bowl with a clean towel and leave to rest for about 2 hours in an oven that has been turned off and preheated to a minimum. - Once well rested, knead the dough and divide it into several pieces, form balls. - Plug in your waffle maker, wait for it to be hot, lightly oil before placing two balls of pasta. The cooking time varies depending on the quality of your waffle maker (for me it was quite long). Enjoyed it warm or cooled.

Bon appétit !

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