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Galette des rois

Hello Hello, January is not completely over so better late than never! Besides, it would have been a shame not to share this delicious recipe on the blog. Quick and easy to make, the filling is even gluten-free! I had also done an article last year with a different recipe for mini galettes des rois. I hadn't explained where this tradition came from so here we go! Story point: Epiphany is a holiday celebrated by Catholics on January 6 and January 19 by the Orthodox. It is a religious commemoration in honor of the arrival of the Magi in Bethlehem. It would be one of the oldest festivals of Christianity. To this day, the history of these kings is still unclear and the versions differ according to eras, interpretations and historians. Today, there is no certainty that the Three Kings were indeed three, or even that they really existed. The tradition of sharing a pancake is in no way linked to Christianity. It would rather be a tribute to the Saturnalia of the Roman era. These great festivals in honor of Saturn, took place between the end of December and the beginning of January. At the time, this day was very special since the slaves were invited to share a cake with the Romans. If they landed on the bean in the cake, they became "Princes of Saturnalia" and had the right to get everything they wanted for a day. We also owe the tradition of the youngest person present choosing who gets the next slice, by going under the table, at Saturnalia. In the Middle Ages, according to the sayings, the designated king had to pay the assembly for a general tour. To avoid any cheating, the edible bean would have been replaced by a porcelain bean. As for the frangipane, we owe it to Count Cesare Frangipani, who would have given the recipe that bears his name to Catherine de Medici. Over the years, the festivals and celebrations of the winter solstice have become confused. Today, the common point between these different commemorations remains sharing. The modern tradition revolves around a collective, friendly and tasty moment, once (or more) in the month of January.


Ingredients needed are vegan puff pastry (commercially purchased here), cane sugar, vanilla sugar, tapioca starch, almond butter, ground almonds, sunflower oil , coconut yoghurt, vegetable cream (soya, almond or coconut) and icing sugar. The necessary utensils are a bowl, a spatula, a kitchen scale, a baking tray, baking paper, a kitchen brush.



  • 2 vegan puff pastry 160g cane sugar 8g of vanilla sugar 30g of tapioca starch 2 tbsp almond butter 190g almond powder 3 tbsp sunflower oil 1 tbsp coconut yogurt

- Preheat the oven to 200°C (392°F) - Spread a puff pastry on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. - Prick the dough with a fork. - In a bowl, mix the sugars and oil. - Then add the almond butter, almond powder and yogurt. - Mix with a spatula and your hands until everything is homogeneous. - Form a ball, place it in the center of your puff pastry then flatten with your hands, leaving a few centimeters on the edges. - Place the second puff pastry on top. - Moisten your fingers with a little water to close the edges of the galette. - Draw a pattern using a sharp knife. - Brush with the kitchen brush vegetable cream (soya, coconut or almond), for the gilding during cooking. - Bake for about 30min at 190°C (374°F). - When the galette is cooked, mix in a small container three tablespoons of water and three tablespoons of icing sugar, brush the still hot galette to make it shine.

Enjoy !

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