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Green creamy soup

Hello !

Little idea of ​​a meal, quite light but which holds on to the body!

A creamy soup with potatoes, carrots and spinach, perfect for this month of March, which is still quite cold temperatures.

Ultra easy to make, quick, healthy recipe, can be kept for two to three days in the fridge in a closed container (the ideal is still to eat it the same day).

Servings for three to four people, depending on the amount of water you add.


The ingredients needed are potatoes, carrots, brown miso, fresh spinach, cumin, malted yeast, salt, pepper and soy cream.

The necessary utensils are a large saucepan, a peeler, tablespoons, teaspoon, a blender or blender with a large capacity 2L (otherwise you do it in several batches).



  • 5 large potatoes

  • 7 carrots

  • 1 tsp brown miso

  • 3 large wrists of fresh spinach

  • 2 tbsp of cumin

  • 3 tbsp of malted yeast

  • 2 tsp of salt

  • 4 turns of a pepper mill

  • Water

  • Soy cream

- Peel and cut the potatoes and carrots into coarse pieces.

- Fill a large saucepan with water, cook the potatoes and carrots in it for about 2 hours with a teaspoon of brown miso for the broth *.

* You can of course use another broth, for example a low-salt vegetable broth.

- Once the food is well cooked (stick a fork in the potatoes and carrots to check, the texture should be very tender), using a large spoon, put everything in a blender, add the spinach fresh as well as spices and malted yeast.

You do not have to put all the water in the saucepan, the creamy soup will be thicker depending on the level of water you put.

- Mix well, until everything is perfectly combined.

- Serve in bowls or soup plates, add a few drops of soy cream and enjoy!

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