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Tofu/spinach steack


"The vegetal steak" has today and since 2018 no longer the right to be named thus in France, as the French deputies tabled an amendment against this name in the trade (it is also the case for the 100% vegetable dairy products) . To certainly protect the "producers" of meat products, strangely on the decline for several years, one wonders why ... (awareness, animal abuse brought to light in slaughterhouses, global warming, health ... etc.) .

Speaking of healthy, here is a version of a vegetable steak, light, easy to make and "tasty".


  • 400g of firm tofu 160g of silken tofu 70g of fresh spinach leaves 5g of fresh basil 2 cloves garlic 1 shallot 2 tbsp of chickpea flour 3 tsp brown miso 2 tbsp of malted yeast Breadcrumbs Salt Pepper


- In an oiled pan, brown the shallot and the two cloves of garlic

(previously cut into small pieces).

- Wash and rinse the spinach leaves and the basil with a clean cloth; add them to the pan. Salt and pepper. Leave to cook over low heat until the spinach leaves are tender. Then set aside. - Mix the tofus, miso, flour and yeast together; then incorporate the contents of the pan and mix everything. - On a lightly floured work surface, make meatballs with your dough, roll them generously in breadcrumbs and set aside 15 / 20min.

- Put in the oven on a baking sheet covered with baking paper in grid mode for about 10 min (watch that it does not grill). - Then oil a frying pan and brown the tofu steaks over medium / low heat on both sides. Let cool a little, to serve with gluten-free pasta for a 100% gluten-free meal :)

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